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2degrees fires up Auckland 4G, North Shore has to wait

2degrees 4g coverage map

Mobile carrier 2degrees officially switched on its Auckland 4G network today. The company says the service is live on 72 cell sites in the central area.

The North Shore, Waitakere area and some Eastern suburbs will have to wait until ‘later in the year’ when 2degrees says it will triple coverage in the region.

2degrees is relatively late to the 4G party.

Vodafone launched its service early last year and says its faster mobile data network now covers about half of the New Zealand population. The carrier has sites in 38 locations.

Telecom NZ also went live last year and has sites covering much of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

However, the established network coverage is patchy. Neither Telecom NZ nor the Vodafone 4G service reaches my North Shore home.



3 thoughts on “2degrees fires up Auckland 4G, North Shore has to wait

  1. Well that settles it, I’m moving to 2degrees. I can’t believe I’ve been with Telecom 12 years… well, Boost way back then. Not too keen on Telecom’s name change and what that implies to me.

    1. Check the coverage reaches the places that matter to you first. When I heard the news this morning I checked the map – the pointer shows I’m off the grid for now.

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