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Adobe has a long history of not listening to customers. It arrogantly ignored the Australian Parliamentary inquiry into software price gouging, only appearing when summoned.

Now it has another user revolt on its hands. Creative Suite customers are using Change.org to petition the company to force a move to the company’s cloud subscription model.

At the time of writing 13,679 users have signed the online petition.

Until now customers have been able to buy Adobe’s Creative Suite outright – albeit at an inflated price for users in New Zealand and Australia when compared to America, The new way of doing business means a A$50 monthly charge, but if the user stops paying, the software stops working.

Going by Adobe’s sales figures, only one in one thousand customers signed the petition. Not many. Yet it’s not a good look.

On the other hand 13,679+ people times A$50 a month means that’s getting on for $10 million a year of revenue now at risk.

2 thoughts on “Adobe users not happy with compulsory cloud

  1. As a big user of Adobe Photoshop and Indesign, I’m far from amused. I have seen an analysis that shows that Adobe’s cloud pricing is only good value if you one of those people who simply must buy _every_ new upgrade to programs in the Creative Suite. Only mugs would do that, unless there is something really compelling in the next update. There usually isn’t. But now Adobe is forcing you to continually upgrade whether you want to or not, and really making you pay for it. I prefer more control over what I buy.

    • Agree. I still use CS2 – it has all I need. Actually there’s more than I need. And I don’t use it every month, when I do it’s maybe for an hour or two.

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