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Where Microsoft beats Apple customer mindshare

We understand research companies say outrageous things to get publicity. The latest from Forrester is a classic. Tracy Stokes writes Why Microsoft trumps Apple in the battle for consumer mindshare.

Stokes writes about a Forrester Research project to identify brand awareness. It’s a piece of research company flummery looking at brands to see if they are trusted, remarkable, unmistakable and essential.

She says Microsoft beat Apple and Samsung and is “at the forefront of brand building with a unique and distinct brand identity that sets it apart from other brands”.

Trust, mindshare

Stokes thinks Microsoft scores over Apple and Samsung because it is trusted by people across a wide spectrum of age groups while the other two are biggest with youngsters.

Forrester wants customers to fork out US$500 for the full report. There might be better uses for the money.



One thought on “Where Microsoft beats Apple customer mindshare

  1. I wouldn’t completely dismiss them. Apple does get a lot of hate and mockery from people whereas I don’t know anyone non-technical who mocks Windows. Sure, I know people who have been confused by Windows 8 but they usually prefix that with “I’m not good with computers,…” whereas the disdain for Apple comes from their lawsuits, prices and the stereotypical Apple users, aka Elitists/Hipsters.

    I don’t really know who would be on top, but both brands are damn well known anyway, and I don’t think hate for either really has swayed many looking for a device.

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