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Windows 8 has been running full-time on my desktop for a month now. The operating system has its charms.

There’s much to like and a few annoyances. More about them in another post.

Perhaps the most worrying thing, is nothing changes at the Windows 8 app store.

Before moving to Windows 8 I had the OS in a virtual machine for more than a month. I’ve watched the store for 10 weeks. In that time there have been no new apps.

OK, I accept this is a preview version of Windows. The store updating mechanism isn’t live yet. And it may just be a local thing on my computer, for all New Zealand or even our region – perhaps users in the rest of the world are seeing updates.

And yes, it probably makes sense for developers to wait until the market officially opens before selling apps or distributing free ones.

On the other hand, there are plenty of people like me watching closely to see what’s happening in the run-up to the official Windows 8 launch later this month.

I’d feel more comfortable about that event if the Windows 8 app store was already bustling with exciting and tempting new programs.