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Huawei’s Gigabit Gap: NZ broadband ahead of Australia

Australian title Business IT covers a report released by Huawei: Australia suffering gigabit gap despite spending A$51B.

The report says it cost A$4,500 for each NBN connection network, a total of A$51 billion, but the network still only reaches 28 percent of premises. In comparison New Zealand’s UFB network now reaches 75 percent of premises. That figure will rise to around 85 percent when the second UFB stage finishes at the end of 2022.


 Gigabit capability in selected countries
Gigabit capability in selected countries (percent of premises)

Ten years after starting the NBN project, less than a third of homes can get gigabit fibre. Meanwhile New Zealand fibre companies are starting to offer speeds of up to 10Gbps. Australia has no plan to extend its fibre footprint.

The report also shows Australia has the world’s third most expensive gigabit broadband. The only people who pay more are in Norway and Canada.

OMDIA, formerly known as Ovuum carried out the research for Huawei.




30 thoughts on “Huawei’s Gigabit Gap: NZ broadband ahead of Australia

  1. How many people, as a percentage of their population, does each country employ in rolling out their telecommunications network?

    What’s the difference between each country’s area and how much is then split into rural, suburban and urban and ho much distance between each main centre and how does that then relate to the number of people employed?

    Need to compare like with like. Simply comparing amount spent won’t give a full picture and will thus prevent understanding.

    I find this is the major problem with economics today. Everyone looks at the money but doesn’t see the actual economics.



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