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Bill Bennett


Ballmer must go for Microsoft to stay relevant

When big companies struggle there’s a temptation to think a restructure will fix things. If nothing else it makes it look as if managers are in control.

Microsoft’s pending restructure is unlikely to change much. The software company can’t be fixed until CEO Steve Ballmer leaves.

The problem isn’t whether Ballmer can repair things. He may or may not. That’s irrelevant. So is the good — or bad — work he has done in the past. None of that matters.

Perception is everything. People outside of Microsoft see Ballmer as the problem not the answer.

Last year the company went through huge changes. A new Windows, new Office, a fabulous smartphone operating system and entry into the device business. Despite all the positives, Microsoft still looks like a has been.

The best way to change that would be to put a new face at the top of the company and let some fresh air sweep through the corridors.

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