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3 thoughts on “Big data, stupid term

  1. To me Big Data is a dataset that is simply too large and complex to fit traditional models (and hence make that transition from mere data to useful information) The generally accepted definitive size is apparently now in the exabytes region.

    With this definition of course one companies big data is just anothers daily business. I think here in New Zealand we’ve been quick to throw around the buzzword without actually having the need for it, let alone the understanding.

    Putting the size of the dataset aside for a moment we are left with information that is derivable from analysis of a single set of related data, instead of separate smaller sets (with the same total amount of data) allowing correlations to be found that would normally be less apparent.

    But yes, it is a silly term.

    • Sam,

      That’s a good working definition. My fear is some companies like the sound of Big Data so much they stretch its definition to fit whatever it is they are trying to sell at the moment. Is that too cynical?

  2. Nothing is ever too cynical for me Bill 🙂 I think you’re literally “on the money”

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