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Bill Bennett


Big data, stupid term

Technology evangelist Ben Kepes is right on the money when he says: “Big data is a stupid term”.

Stupid because it is ambiguous, the term could mean many things.

Stupid because it is loosely defined even within its own little world. At what point does data become big? Is there a point beyond big? Such as enormous? What do you call bigger data? Is data ever really that big in a little country?

Stupid because on its own, big data doesn’t mean anything until it is used. Then it becomes something else, like Useful Data. Used well it might even become Information.

Kepes goes on to talk about SAP’s HANA which deals with real-time in-memory data. That’s exciting. Far more exciting.

SAP Business Suite on HANA, Because Big Data is a Stupid Term | The Diversity Blog.



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