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Bosses' last chance to reverse vile ways

Bosses' last chance to reverse vile ways

Bob Sutton reports worker dissatisfaction is at an all time high in America. Less than half of all workers are satisfied with their jobs.

He says many workers are laying in wait and will dash for the exits when the job market improves.

Sutton points to research which shows people quit bosses, not jobs or companies.

The exodus has already started in New Zealand. Recently, in Companies lose as staff look elsewhere, the New Zealand Herald reported "Fifty-three per cent of New Zealand workers are leaving their jobs within the first two years of being employed".

It all comes down to bosses not being in touch with how employees really feel.

If you're a boss and you saw the recent recession as an opportunity to pressure staff, you are stupid and you deserve to lose all your good people.

And you will lose them. It's too late to fix the problem now.

Sutton, who wrote The No Asshole Rule warns power often goes to the head of bosses who are blind to their shortcomings.

He says even good bosses who behaved well during the recession should take stock and start treating workers even better. The day of reckoning is near.