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Kim Dotcom’s New Zealand-based Mega cloud storage service is now officially out of beta. The service has also added a list of new features including faster loading and improved local caching. There are also changes to the user interface. Otherwise the underlying service is much as before. 

Since it was launched nine months ago, Mega has developed and released an Android app. The iOS app is said to be ready but still hasn’t made it through Apple’s iTunes app store approval process.

  • It takes chutzpah to flog an Android tablet for $100 more than an iPad Air. Samsung is testing the water with the latest version of the Galaxy Note 10.1 hitting the streets today with a list price of $850 for the Wi-Fi model and $1050 for the LTE version.
  • A $15 million expansion is on the way for Revera’s Homeland Data Centre in Upper Hutt. The money will fund an extra 2500 square metres of data centre capacity, effectively doubling the footprint of the tier 3 data centre. Completion is pencilled in for October 2014.
  • More RBI towers from Vodafone. The company’s site at Hira, near Nelson, serves more than 190 households in the area while the existing site at Atawhai is scheduled for an upgrade. Meanwhile more than 1000 households will get coverage from the new site at Karikari.
  • Cab booking apps are popular overseas but, until now, we haven’t heard so much about them in New Zealand. Zoomy is the latest service for booking taxis in <Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch this week. It's a free service and there are Android and iOS versions. The only downside is the biggest taxi firms are not yet part of the service.
  • Former Pacific Fibre CEO Mark Rushworth is the new CEO for payments provider Paymark. He will start in the role early next month. Rushworth was one of the founders at Pacific Fibre and also spent time as head of marketing at Vodafone and CEO of iHug.
  • Microsoft has been quietly adding features to Office 365 since its launch six months ago. The company says the Home Premium edition has sold two million subscriptions making it the fasted growing business in the company’s history. The latest update adds real-time co-authoring to the Office Web Apps, Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

9 thoughts on “Briefly: Mega leaves beta; Samsung Note 10.1; Revera expands

  1. A few comments, first one; can you link to bigger stories about what you’re talking about? Is that possible?

    Samsung; I’m going to read up on it, but I say good for them. Higher price means higher standards to judge them against. Competitors stepping up the game is always nice. It’s just a shame Samsung is such a behemoth to begin with (I really don’t think most people know /how/ big they are).

    Taxis; What idiots are running those companies that they can’t look overseas to what’s been happening, to see the rate of smartphone adoption and say ‘eh, doesn’t concern us’. Seriously.

    • It speaks volumes that Samsung thinks it can get away with selling its tablets for more than Apple. Microsoft hasn’t gone there with its Surface 2 line. I wonder if there’s anything special about the Note 10.1 that I may have overlooked.

      • The Note 10.1 is hands down the BEST tablet I’ve ever used personally. SHITS ALL OVER any iPad.

        The s-pen is the invention of a pure genius.

        Given the spec of the 2014 version, it’s well worth an exta $100 on top of the price of an iPad Air

  2. Just checked US list prices. In America the Apple iPad Air starts at $500, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is $550. So the price difference is only a fraction higher in New Zealand than there.

  3. Mega is fairly useless to me unless it releases a client ala Dropbox or Drive that allows me to map it as a folder. I hate using it via a browser.

    • I can tell you there is exactly just that, that should be coming shortly. Mega sent me a beta version (quite a while ago) of a Windows client that maps as a folder, just like Dropbox and it’s working pretty well. It even has the “tick” icons on folders and files to show that it is up-to-date.

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