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Bill Bennett


Cellphone cancer demon banished

motorola moto xPaul Brislen nails it nicely on what is most likely his last post on the Tuanz blog: Cellphones will not give you cancer.

No equivocation, no weasel words, no pussyfooting around the subject.

There is no link between using cellphones or living near cellphone towers and cancers of any kind.

It’s one thing for telcos and phone makers to make this point, it’s another thing when a telecommunications users group tells everyone cellphones are safe.

This has been obvious for some time.

Common sense tells you the story: more or less everyone uses mobile phones, people use them for longer than ever before and yet there are no long queues of patients outside brain tumour clinics.

That’s a good thing.

It’s also good that governments and others were motivated to investigate the risks. Better to research these matters using tried and tested scientific methods than leaving lobbyists on both sides in control of the debate.

Go ahead use your phone, it won’t hurt you.



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