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Leading the digital charge?
Leading the digital charge?

Americans love fancy job titles. The latest to emerge is chief digital officer or CDO. Here’s how Robert Berkman describes the role in MIT Sloan Management Review:

As social and other digital technologies shift responsibilities in the C-suite, businesses are creating a new position, the chief digital officer or CDO, to focus their digital strategy

Is the title necessary in a world where chief information officers are already looking after technology and helping with company strategy? That point gets answered in the story, so does my next question: Is this just a fad?

Tin-pot companies employ acne ridden youths to fix a handful of desktop computers and allow them to hand out business cards printed with the title CIO. Can we now expect the poor souls who looks after small company Twitter accounts to rebrand themselves as CDOs?

The Emergence of Chief Digital Officers | MIT Sloan Management Review.

One thought on “Now we have chief digital officers

  1. If I see someone calling themselves C-level anything and they aren’t in a 200+ employee company I don’t take them too seriously. Sure, technically you are King of the Hill, but when you’re the only one standing on it you’re really just a person.

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