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Chorus Van

New Zealand’s media was quick to report stories about Chorus fibre install complaints this week.

Stuff went first on Monday with Problems linger with Chorus ultra-fast broadband rollout.

Not to be outdone, Tuesday’s The New Zealand Herald reported:

Fibre-optic cables for ultra-fast broadband have been installed across fences and through gardens in some Auckland homes – leaving residents concerned.

Internet users raised the issue with the Herald after discovering the cables scattered across their driveway, garden or taped to a fence.

The NZ Herald pictures came from Joe Thornley’s Howick home.

Thornley’s home snaps also showed up a day later at Radio New Zealand for Chorus responds to shoddy installation claims.

The Chorus fibre install complaints could leave you with the impression the UFB roll-out is one big botched job.

Sure there have been mishaps but the figures paint a different picture.

Radio New Zealand’s report quotes two numbers from Chorus CEO Mark Ratcliffe:

  • “Chorus was doing 600 jobs a day”.
  • …“getting 50 complaints a week about poor installations.”

Assuming Chorus works five days a week, that’s an error rate of around 1.5 percent or one in 60. A decent result for any large-scale public engineering project.

Given the spread out nature of New Zealand towns, physical and financial challenges compared to say, rolling out broadband in Singapore, and dealing with often difficult access it looks like success, not failure.

Disclosure: I wrote this story about Chorus fibre install complaints two years ago. Since then I have been editing The Download. It’s a Chorus-owned magazine that covers the telecommunications sector and how people use communications technologies.   

8 thoughts on “Chorus fibre install complaints in perspective

  1. The MSM just LOVE bad news stories. They still think it sells advertising (I personally ignore advertising and make it a point NEVER to click on a served-up ad).

    Big companies like Chorus, Spark, Voda etc are easy meat, because everyone loves to hate them (but can’t do without them).

    I would far rather read a blog like this where the story is researched properly and facts provided so I can make up my own mind, rather than having an opinion foisted on me.

    This is one of the reasons that Fairfax et al are struggling – the articles they publish are ill-researched (if at all), full of the “journalist’s” prejudices, misunderstandings and misinformation (deliberate or otherwise), and often seem to be published to promote some underlying agenda…

    I’m not sure how you monetise this site Bill, but yours is one of only a very few that I am aware of that I would be happy to subscribe to for a small monthly recurring charge (despite the Apple hype! 🙂 )

    I would NEVER make that offer to any of the mainstream media sites.

  2. Warren BlitzenX: I’ve got a hole in the side of my house, no etp, and cable dangling from my fence. All because I disagreed with them installing ont directly on the otherside from etp. Power point is other side of the room, and room is far end of house. My mistake was requesting they install in cupboard that already houses router and patch boards. Said they would return in morning, that was last Wednesday. via plus.google.com

  3. It’s a bit early to whitewash Spark and Chorus. There is more to this story to come out. Check sparkcomplaints forum pages for what the public is really saying, Not some one off reaction based on a percentage as quoted in this article as gospel.

    • Spark isn’t responsible for UFB installations, so it’s hardly a whitewash. Chorus is responsible and makes errors. Some are terrible. No-one is saying otherwise. The number of errors is small relative to the size of the project. That’s all.

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