Data traffic on Chorus’ fibre network hit a new record peak on Thursday at 2.84Tbps. The company says this is comfortably within the network’s available headroom of 3.5Tbps.

It says this is 24 percent above the normal baseline. While traffic continues to increase, Chorus says it expects it to reach a steady state as the Covid–19 lockdown settles down.

Daytime network data traffic is much higher than before the virus outbreak. Yesterday the traffic at noon was 1.99Tbps, roughly double the data traffic before the crisis.

All NZ networks are coping

It’s not only Chorus, the nation’s four fibre networks are more than equal to the job being asked of them.

Anyone reading this who is in a fibre area but not yet connected should upgrade as soon as possible. You will probably have to wait until the lockdown finishes first. Future lockdowns are likely. Make sure you are prepared.

If you’re yet not in a fibre area, check to see when it arrives. The second phase of UFB is underway. If your area is not scheduled for a fibre upgrade, it may pay to see what you can do about that.

If you are already on fibre, work from home and don’t live on your own, upgrade to a gigabit plan, they don’t cost much more and they will give you enough bandwidth to work while others in your house watch Netflix or play games. The upgrade doesn’t require a site visit from a technician, so it can be done now and doesn’t take long.

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