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Cloud saves money, boosts profits

Research commissioned by cloud specialist Rackspace and given respectability by Manchester Business School says 88 per cent of firms who move to the cloud save money.

That’s impressive, but considering cloud companies sell their service on the promise of saving money, that means one in eight customers hasn’t saved money.

And 60 percent of companies said moving to the cloud meant they need fewer IT staff to support infrastructure – that gives them resources for dealing with strategic matters.

Most impressive are the 56 per cent of companies who say cloud computing has helped boost profits.

Although this kind of research is often of dubious value – do you think Rackspace would trumpet its survey if it found cloud customers weren’t saving money – there’s an important big picture. Forget Rackspace’s numbers, forget the spin. Here’s what matters:

  • Cloud computing saves money
  • Cloud improves profits
  • Cloud free resources for more productive tasks

88 per cent of cloud users point to cost savings, according to Rackspace Survey.