If you’re looking for cloud storage there are plenty of options. Most cloud storage providers offer a basic service for free. You may get by using these free services alone.

There’s no reason to choose just one provider. If you sign for all the free offers in this list you’ll have almost 100GB of storage at no cost.

There are good reasons to pay for personal cloud storage. In every case money buys you more storage

Paid plans can have other advantages. Some providers allow paying customers to store larger individual files — essential if you want to archive video footage. You might also get better support and other features.

Microsoft’s 1TB OneDrive plan stands out. It includes a subscription to Office 365. Although most people will look at that transaction the other way around: buy Office 365 and get 1TB of storage, If you use Microsoft software, it’s a killer deal.

The 1TB OneDrive plan is new since the last personal cloud storage plan comparison. Apple and Google have also introduced larger plans.


Personal cloud storage services compared
ServiceWhat you get for freePrices
Apple iCloud5GB20GB$12
Microsoft OneDrive15GB100GB$24
1TB Plan includes Office 365200GB$48
Google Drive15GB100GB$24
Storage shared across Drive,1TB$120
Gmail, Google+ and photos10TB$1200
All prices in US dollars, annualised and .99 prices rounded up

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  1. If you buy 5 licences of Google Drive for Work ($10per month each – $600 annual) you get unlimited storage on each of the accounts and max file size of 5TB each – as such that would make it one of the cheapest large options and you can have 5 different people using it all getting unlimited storage (or just don’t use them) – as such you would be foolish to pay the other numbers you list for Google.

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