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Bill Bennett


The odds of a Dell buyout

A New Dell Emerges
When I went to Dell’s site to find out more about company plans I found this. Not a good omen.

At ARN (Australia Reseller News) Remin Dutt asks if Dell would fare better as a private company and not a publicly listed one. Her story: The odds of a Dell buyout is a strong, informed analysis of the company’s prospects. The story os especially useful to the publication’s readers, Dell is an important market player, what happens to the company matters to resellers and integrators.

Like HP, Dell was blindsided by the rapid switch away from personal computers to smartphones and tablets. Although the company has made credible versions of both, its core business – making laptops and desktops – is spiralling down.

Dell wants to raise money to help its plan to become a software and services company. Shareholders aren’t convinced, so it is looking at private equity to fill the gap.

Dutt isn’t convinced that’s the right strategy.



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