Bill Bennett disambiguation page

It's possible I'm not the Bill Bennett you are looking for. These are some of the other Bill Bennetts you may have been after:

I'm not the only Bill Bennett you'll find online. In fact there are dozens if not hundreds. Here are a handful who might come up if you search for me. And yes, I'm also known as William or Billy.

William J Bennett

Dr William J Bennett almost ran for president. Thankfully the moment passed. He was George Bush Senior’s “Drug Czar” and, like me a writer, with a best-selling children’s book. I sometimes get his hate mail.

Bill Bennett

Film director and producer Bill Bennett was living and working in Sydney at the same time as me. This caused confusion, particularly as we both described ourselves as writers and both had bylines in the pages of The Sydney Morning Herald.

Billy Bennett

A British comedian from the 1920s often billed as ‘almost a gentleman’. Some say the same about me. Some say Billy influenced Monty Python.

Billy Bennett

This good ol’ boy from Arizona makes a better job of being a cowboy than I could. You’ll find he plays both kinds of music; country AND western. There’s downloadable music on the website, but I don’t think Hank done it this way.