Finding opportunities in the fog

Vikram KumarIf you’ve only just come to terms with cloud computing, here comes the next thing: fog computing.

“Fog computing is the necessary next stage on from cloud computing,” says Vikram Kumar, the chief executive of KotahiNet. “It is where the edge of networks become intelligent and autonomous.”

Fog computing has the features of cloud computing, such as data, computing, storage and applications. But instead of concentrating resources in a data centre, it moves them closer to where they are used. At times, it can mean putting computing resources in locations well beyond the reach of traditional networks. It turns out this is an ideal way of dealing with the Internet of Things (IoT).

Read the full story by Bill Bennett in the New Zealand Herald.

By Bill Bennett

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5 replies on “Finding opportunities in the fog”

Very interesting, but why haven’t the big fish taken up the technology in New Zealand? Presumably there must be significant downsides if they haven’t. It’s a pity you didn’t discuss the cons as well as the pros.

There are big company projects. The telcos have IoT initiatives based on cellular technology. They tend to take a top down approach while Kotahinet is very much a bottom-up initiative.

I don’t doubt it’s all very significant, but the Open Fog Consortium’s mission statement at that site seems more likely to close fog than open it. Talk about cliché and gobbledygook! Bill Bennett: how about offering them your plain English services?

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