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About half the traffic arriving on this site arrives from search engines.

I’ve flirted with search engine optimisation (SEO). It doesn’t change the share of traffic coming from search engines more than one or two percent.

In other words, there’s little point spending time on SEO.

Traffic rises when I post more often. It spikes if I research a subject in-depth before posting unique material.

I figured this out months ago but didn’t know what to make of the information other than to stop wasting time worrying about search engines. Then, earlier today, I read Angus Kidman’s Ignore The SEO Snake Oil And Build A Site People Find Useful at Lifehacker Australia. It put my thoughts into perspective.

Better things to do than SEO

Kidman says you are better off putting “energy into building a quality site rather than worrying about the search impact of what you have done.”

So true.

He says SEO is a waste of effort or money for a small business, partly because search engine optimisation is a constantly moving target.

My problem is I’m not selling anything so worrying about keywords is pointless. I don’t have keywords.

I also found search engine optimisation takes a huge amount of time. Wasted time.

4 thoughts on “I’m giving up the SEO caper

  1. My own blog has been an interesting experience. The most-read posts aren’t the most thoughtful ones in which I did hours of original research and analysis and put out there. The most-read posts are the ones most useful to most people on a much more mundane level. Like the instructions I have for the HTM timer device. Apparently, my blog is the only site on the planet that hosts them now that the Northern Territory govt’s consumer site (where I copied them from) took them down a year or so ago. That single post accounts for 30% of my hits every month. I get comments thanking me for hosting them. A few people have even donated money via PayPal in gratitude. The lesson isn’t lost on me. 🙂

  2. Hi Bill,

    My experience mirrors your own. The less time I spend worrying about SEO, the better rankings I get. Why? Because that extra time is spent generating original content. I’m happier doing it anyway.

    Thanks for saying it out loud.

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