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Bill Bennett


Google Glass isn’t the answer to anything

Many readers love the idea of Google Glass.

There’s no chance of the nerdy-looking face-mounted computer taking off in its current form. Nor will Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watch  win mainstream acceptance in the immediate future.

Wearable computers may have a future. Yet the first wave of devices is as remote from that future as the 1950s computers are from today’s smartphones.

John Gruber’s Daring Fireball nails it:

…the problem isn’t the idea, it’s the actual execution. There are no points for being first to market with a bad product. It’s a cool lab demo that they’re presenting as a finished product.

Yes, that’s exactly the point. Glass is like the Wright Brother’s first aeroplane, a neat demonstration of possibilities, but not ready for the market

Get one by all means. Wear it and lose your friends if you must. Just recognise now that it’s a crude prototype.



3 thoughts on “Google Glass isn’t the answer to anything

  1. Ugly? Unwieldy? I’m sure you know these are your subjective opinions.
    Lose your friends? Talk about an overreaction. I have a pair, and have worn them on dozens of social outings with friends who didn’t know I had them or was going to wear them, and after 5 minutes of oh’ing and aww’ing, the evening went on as if nothing had changed. Nobody mentioned it again, nobody looked at it, and the first couple of times (when I was still self-conscious about wearing them), I’d ask if they were purposely ignoring the computer on my face, and almost always, the answer was that it didn’t bother them, they felt no need to anxiously look at it, or they’d forgotten it was there.

    It is most definitely a beta product, but people don’t react nearly as you make them out to. In fact, on numerous occasions when I’ve left the glass at home, yet bought my smartphone, people comment on the fact they prefer that I leave my smartphone behind and wear my glass instead.


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