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Bill Bennett


HP stupidly trash-talks Dell buyout

Hewlett-Packard wasted little time in trying to sow seeds of doubt in the mind of Dell’s customers after the PC maker’s buyout.

The Wall Street Journal reports HP saying:

Dell “faces an extended period of uncertainty and transition” that won’t be good for its customers. “With a significant debt load, Dell’s ability to invest in new products and services will be extremely limited,” HP said in its statement. “We believe Dell’s customers will now be eager to explore alternatives, and HP plans to take full advantage of that opportunity.”

Hello Hewlett-Packard, have you taken a look at yourself lately?

The technology giant isn’t exactly a role model when it comes to giving customers certainty. Drama has stalked HP for years:

  • HP has been through three CEOs in as many years,
  • HP directors recently discussed a possible company break-up,
  • The company is unable to articulate a coherent cloud strategy,
  • There’s a question mark over the long-term viability of HP’s server business
  • Like Dell, HP missed the fast-growing mobile market despite buying Palm, a former market leader
  • And there’s the mess known as the Autonomy acquisition

Sometimes keeping your mouth shut and letting people suspect you’re foolish is better than opening it and proving you are foolish. 



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