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Intellipath adds Australian scale with Nextgen deal

A partnership with Australian national network provider Nextgen means Intellipath has expanded its reach creating what may be the region’s largest bandwidth-on-demand service.

Intellipath previously only offered its services in New Zealand, the west coast of the USA, Sydney and Melbourne. The deal with Nextgen means it now covers the rest of Australia including Perth, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide.

It now reaches 45 Australian data centres and a total of 63 worldwide. The network has connections to the main Australian data centres including Metronode, Equinix and NextDC. It reaches all the main cloud services including AWS and Azure.

IntelliPath is a subsidiary of Vibe Communications. In effect, it offers a wide-area-network as a service.

This works in much the same way as companies already buy cloud computing services on demand. IntelliPath allows them to create a contract-free communications link in a matter of seconds.

In practice it means an organisation can respond immediately to a business need or an emerging opportunity, only paying for the communications services they consume at the time.



3 thoughts on “Intellipath adds Australian scale with Nextgen deal

  1. We use Intellipath in our regional ISP operation. This is good news for New Zealand companies doing business across the Tasman and visa-versa. I will point out in response to your last line that Intellipath doesn’t bill per hour like other Cloud services, when you build an Intellipath service, unfortunately you’ve got to commit to a minimum 30 day service. Hopefully this can be improved on.

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