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iPad Word is done, now update the Mac version

Microsoft Word for iPad

Dear Microsoft,

Thanks for the iPad versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. They look good, especially iPad Word.

I try not to inflict PowerPoint on people and I rarely need a spreadsheet. But I’m a journalist which means I spend most of my working life in Word.

Word for the iPad gives me greater flexibility to work while on the move.

I’m using it now to write this. I like the way it is touch enabled and makes the most of the iPad’s hardware and I’m impressed with the way you’ve struck a balance between simplicity and have enough features to do everything I need.

I rate the software at five stars. As anyone who knows me will tell you, that’s high praise, I’m stingy with stars for most apps.

In comparison, I only rate the OSX Word:2011 that I use on my Mac at 3 stars. It’s pretty ordinary when compared to the latest Windows version of Word. The other Mac Office apps are not far behind.

Which brings me to the point. Could you hurry up and update the Mac version of Word? I’d be delighted if you could create something as elegant and productive as your iPad Word app. If you could match Word 2013 I’d be happier still. I know you can do this, I know you want to do this.

PS. It’s probably a coincidence that my Office 365 subscription expires today, but an answer would be nice before I push the button on the transaction.



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