You’d think Apple would have the sense to make Windows iTunes a wonderful experience. So wonderful that it tempts Windows users to see what other software marvels Apple is capable of. So wonderful they consider dumping Windows and shifting to a Macintosh.

Either Apple isn’t bothered about using its software as a marketing tool, or its programmers are incapable of writing decent Windows code.

Because Windows iTunes has always been rubbish.

Windows iTunes still rubbish after all these years

Windows iTunes is rubbish. And it hasn’t improved over the years, It crashes, it fails, it loses stuff, it doesn’t sync properly. It leaves behind a trail of junk all over the Windows hard drive.

Sadly, iTunes remains a must have because it is the only official way to sync an iPod, iPhone or iPad to a PC.

Sure there are other ways to deal with music. But they are all just as flawed. I’m not sure there is an alternative for moving files and apps between a computer and an iPad.

Not only is the software awful, but Apple treats Windows customers with contempt. Support questions go unanswered. Long-standing problems, which to this non-developer look relatively trivial, go unfixed even when they are widely acknowledged.

My latest problem is that I can’t install iTunes 11 on my Windows 8 desktop. One Twitter user told me not to bother – the older software is better anyway. Well maybe. But my iPad is an important work tool and I want to keep it up-to-date.

Not only will Windows iTunes 11 not install, but I can’t remove iTunes 10. When I attempted to remove the older program the uninstall failed. However that process also affected how the application works. I can no longer use my keyboard to control volume or to stopping files playing. Not a big thing, just more evidence that iTunes is broken.

Apple: please fix this.

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