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New Zealand’s fibre to the home network roll-out is gathering momentum. Some say it will trigger an economic revival.

So it may seem like a bad time to bring this up: Japanese fixed network operators have been forced to slash their prices to stem the flow of customers fleeing fibre networks for wireless broadband.

In other words, the people have spoken and the message is clear: Given a choice they don’t want fibre to the home, they want wireless broadband.

The story in the link is written by Tony Brown who is an analyst for Informa – a company that specialises in watching telecommunications markets. He says younger people prefer personalised broadband services to household plans. As he points out, if they took a household service, they’d still need to pay for wireless plan anyway.

6 thoughts on “Japanese want wireless broadband not fibre

  1. I remember going to a Telecom conference many years ago where they were laughing about fibre and saying how old school it was. They said in future everything would be wireless and there was no need or point investing in cables of any sort.

  2. What sort of data speeds will they be getting for wireless in Japan?

    • It’s 75Mpbs, but remember wireless bandwidth is shared, so few people will actually see those speeds for anything more than a short burst.

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