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Microsoft matters

After writing Does Microsoft still matter? it occurred that I write a lot of posts about a company that is possibly out of the running when it comes to leading the technology industry.

At the time of writing there are 92 stories tagged Microsoft on this site. That’s more than the number of tags for Apple, Google and Samsung combined.

One possible reason is my tagging isn’t that good. The word “Apple” turns up in 114 posts, while “Microsoft” is in 140. That’s partly because Microsoft has ambiguous brand names. I have to spell out that Word or Windows means the Microsoft product while iPad, Mac, iPhone and iPod are all unambiguous.

A second reason is that this site is now seven years old. Microsoft loomed larger in the early days. If you look at posts only from the last two years, Apple is well in front of Microsoft.

And let’s not forget my focus is more on business than on consumer technology — that’s Microsoft’s core market.

Still, for a company that may “no longer matter”, Microsoft gets a fair share of coverage.



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