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After a brief, tricky change-over, Microsoft’s Touch Mouse is growing on me. However, it has an annoying design flaw: The mouse needs its own USB wireless dongle in addition to the one already installed on my PC for the Wireless Comfort Keyboard.

Previously the keyboard shared a single dongle with its paired mouse.

There’s no shortage of unused USB ports. That’s not the point, it smacks of lazy engineering, which doesn’t inspire confidence in the Microsoft hardware brand.

4 thoughts on “Microsoft Touch Mouse, Wireless Comfort Keyboard annoyance

  1. I wish somebody would invent Bluetooth, then we wouldn’t need separate wireless transceivers for each device.

  2. I believe that the licensing fees for the Bluetooth stack are prohibitive and that the added cost passed on doesn’t sit well with consumers who demand cheap rodents…

    Shame – I have an early MS Bluetooth mouse that I ‘upgraded’ as it had no off switch leading to extreme battery drain. After the installation of the switch it has been perfect on my old windows machine. After brief hatred I now love the new Apple mouse which complements the trackpad.

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