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If you’d like to join the list, or you know someone I need to add, please leave the Twitter name, link and a few descriptive words in the comments below or on the relevant page. I’ll make the additions when I have time.

Also, please let me know if I need to make any corrections.

There’s a list of Australian media people at The Earley Edition: 501 Australian Journalists and News Media People on Twitter

104 thoughts on “New Zealand media on Twitter

  1. @adagebusiness
    The art of marketing media, specialising in helping business and not for profits leverage support through media channels

    note: website is about 2 weeks away.

  2. I’d be interested to see which of the newspapers, radio and TV stations are able to make it out of the broadcast only mentality and start INTERACTING with their followers… Shall we put a date on it and see what the ratios are in say, December?

  3. Happy for you to add: HarcourtsToni – a.k.a. Harcourts NZ Communications Manager, Toni Skiffington

  4. @AngelaMoriarty – Communications Manager for Positively Wellington Tourism.

    Distributes tourism, events and other such Wellington news, and hosts media visits.

  5. Fulltime freelance magazine journalist in NZ & internationally, author, travel guide writer and two blogs. Does that count. Several other PR types on Twitter too – Simon McManus for one

  6. Hey Bill,


    Reporter, Marlborough Express, specialising in rural / agricultural issues


  7. Hi Bill,

    Would like to be on your list.

    @craigadolph – Media Planner/Buyer at GSL Network



  8. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for including me on the list. To complete my details, I work at Pursuit PR.

  9. Nice Twitter directory. Please can you add me.

    @CallMeDrAl Subeditor, Unlimited magazine

    Alison Hunt

  10. @markomPR – boutique PR consultancy in the Bay (St Heliers), Auckland
    @SarahPSparks – Director of markomPR

  11. Oh ok, I’ll bite.

    Dominion Post reporter and blogger

  12. Better get on the bandwagon …

    @staceyvivienne: Stacey Wood, Dominion Post reporter

  13. Hi good crowdsourced directory

    Steve Leon – New Media Producer, In-business mag and others @someonegetsteve

  14. I’m a reporter for the NBR and have some input to NBR’s online presence (eg our Twitter feed, social bookmarking etc).



  15. Yeah, I agree. Nice list.

    Throw me on there too?


    blogger, multi-media journo/photographer, journalism tutor @ Whitireia Polytech (newswire.co.nz)

  16. I would also like to be considered, and thanks for this handy list.
    I am a freelance IT writer (Netguide, MacTheMag etc) and Apple Mac specialist; I write the Mac Planet blog on the NZ Herald.

  17. Claire Connell, Reporter, Marlborough Express newspaper
    Twitter – claireconnell11

  18. @justinflitter – Social CRM, Helpdesk and Customer Service related Blogger

  19. Cheers for adding me to the list, “@simcmanus – full description: Simon McManus, McManus Tourism Communications

  20. Bill nice resource here. I should add that I run the NBR Twitter feed as well.



  21. And of course NZ’s biggest general news twitter account – @NZStuff from stuff.co.nz

  22. Good grief, I can’t resist a list. Could I jump on?
    @moatatamaira – blogger and web editor