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If you’d like to join the list, or you know someone I need to add, please leave the Twitter name, link and a few descriptive words in the comments below or on the relevant page. I’ll make the additions when I have time.

Also, please let me know if I need to make any corrections.

There’s a list of Australian media people at The Earley Edition: 501 Australian Journalists and News Media People on Twitter

104 thoughts on “New Zealand media on Twitter

  1. @adagebusiness
    The art of marketing media, specialising in helping business and not for profits leverage support through media channels

    note: website is about 2 weeks away.

  2. I’d be interested to see which of the newspapers, radio and TV stations are able to make it out of the broadcast only mentality and start INTERACTING with their followers… Shall we put a date on it and see what the ratios are in say, December?

  3. @AngelaMoriarty – Communications Manager for Positively Wellington Tourism.

    Distributes tourism, events and other such Wellington news, and hosts media visits.

  4. Fulltime freelance magazine journalist in NZ & internationally, author, travel guide writer and two blogs. Does that count. Several other PR types on Twitter too – Simon McManus for one

  5. Hi Bill,

    Would like to be on your list.

    @craigadolph – Media Planner/Buyer at GSL Network



  6. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for including me on the list. To complete my details, I work at Pursuit PR.

  7. Nice Twitter directory. Please can you add me.

    @CallMeDrAl Subeditor, Unlimited magazine

    Alison Hunt

  8. @markomPR – boutique PR consultancy in the Bay (St Heliers), Auckland
    @SarahPSparks – Director of markomPR

  9. Hi good crowdsourced directory

    Steve Leon – New Media Producer, In-business mag and others @someonegetsteve

  10. I’m a reporter for the NBR and have some input to NBR’s online presence (eg our Twitter feed, social bookmarking etc).



  11. Yeah, I agree. Nice list.

    Throw me on there too?


    blogger, multi-media journo/photographer, journalism tutor @ Whitireia Polytech (newswire.co.nz)

  12. I would also like to be considered, and thanks for this handy list.
    I am a freelance IT writer (Netguide, MacTheMag etc) and Apple Mac specialist; I write the Mac Planet blog on the NZ Herald.

  13. Claire Connell, Reporter, Marlborough Express newspaper
    Twitter – claireconnell11

  14. Cheers for adding me to the list, “@simcmanus – full description: Simon McManus, McManus Tourism Communications

  15. Bill nice resource here. I should add that I run the NBR Twitter feed as well.



  16. And of course NZ’s biggest general news twitter account – @NZStuff from stuff.co.nz

  17. Hi Bill

    That’s a handy list you’ve got there mate. Chuck me on when you get a chance.

    Michael Forbes

    Dominion Post reporter for the Manawatu-Wanganui region.



  18. Eek! was too quick to hit “submit”, have now corrected my website address, must have been that post-filing glass of wine…see ABC News in Science tomorrow for another NZ-based story…

  19. Hi Bill,

    Can you please add me to your list when you get a chance?

    Kate Newton, health reporter at the Dom Post


  20. can I add some more from the fairfax stable?
    @avancenz (Fairfax content sharing co-ordinator)
    @daveburgess 13 (reporter @dompost)
    @beckeleven (reporter The Press)
    @kirsty johnston (reporter @TaranakiNews)
    @Mark Stevens (@NZStuff)
    @michaelfoxnz (@NZStuff)
    @annachalmers (@NZStuff)
    @MarcusStickely (@NZstuff)

  21. […] reading here: New Zealand media on Twitter at bill bennett : knowledge workers Vic Muslims Online: Muslims in NZ News – Kilbirnie Town Centre Design […]

  22. Isn’t it better late than never?

    The Gisborne Herald is tweeting both news and entertainment snippets. Find us at:


    Thanks Bill!

  23. Hi Bill


    Great list. Love to be added. spice communications group is a full service PR and marketing communications consultancy, adding spice to your marketing mix.

    Cheers and thanks, Jackie Ellis

  24. @mcquillanator – Laura McQuillan – Radio Live
    @jacksonjwood – Jackson Wood – Green Party Media team
    @staceyvivienne – Stacey Wood – Dominion Post
    @kirsty_johnston – Kirsty Johnson – Stuff.co.nz

  25. takes running jump at a passing bandwagon

    @RoryMacKinnon, Scoop’s political reporter and occasional blogger at MediaDarlings.net

  26. Hi Bill
    Suzanne Kendrick suggested I visit your page – just to advise that Ponsonby News is on twitter (@PonsonbyNews). The mag itself is distributed to 17,000 households and businesses each month.

  27. Hi Bill, great list. Can you please add FashioNZ.co.nz – online fashion magazine and Gloss.co.nz – online women’s lifestyle magazine to the list?

  28. Hi Bill,

    Lachlan Forsyth – 3News, Campbell Live reporter

    Rachel Morton @reporterrachel
    David Farrier @davidfarrier
    Hilary Barry @hilary_barry
    Mike McRoberts @mrmikemcroberts
    Jane Luscombe @janeluscombe
    Amanda Gillies @amandagtv3


  29. Parliament Today is dedicated to the coverage of the New Zealand Parliament and its proceedings.

    Other media are welcome to use the material — both written and audio — for republication, as long as proper attribution is given


  30. Online news – @voxynz @guide2

    Media people – @mattharman founder Digital Advance, @simonrandall head of content.


  31. Hi Bill

    Campbell Hodgetts is actually @CamHodgetts.

    Also, is there room on the list to have a PR from the South Island – @d_herd, at Carter Price Rennie.


  32. Hi Bill,

    Here are a few more Tweeps for the list from the NZ Herald, Herald on Sunday and nzherald.co.nz. Thank you!

    John Armstrong – Herald chief political commentator

    Derek Cheng – Herald political reporter

    Michael Dickison – Herald reporter

    Andrew Koubaridis – Herald police reporter

    Winston Aldworth – Herald deputy sport editor
    @WinstonAldworth and @supershortsnz

    Jonathan Milne – HoS deputy editor

    Bevan Hurley – HoS deputy news editor

    Jeremy Rees – nzherald.co.nz editor

    Cathy O’Sullivan – nzherald.co.nz deputy editor

    Paul Harper – nzherald.co.nz reporter

    Hayden Donnell – nzherald.co.nz reporter

    Cameron McMillan – nzherald.co.nz sport editor

    Hugh Sundae – nzherald.co.nz entertainment editor

    Alice Neville – nzherald.co.nz news editor

    Esther Goh – nzherald.co.nz special projects editor

    Steve Boughey – nzherald.co.nz world news editor

    Troy Rawhiti-Forbes – nzherald.co.nz social media & interactivity editor

    nzherald.co.nz video


  33. I’m the police and emergency services reporter with the Northern Advocate, Whangarei, covering the whole of Northland.
    Please add me to the list.

  34. The relationship between, writers/bloggers is getting to close, fairfax are quoting bloggers but calling them Journalists, which misleads the public I think.

  35. Hi, Bill – valuable directory, thanks so much for pulling it together. I’d be hugely grateful if you’d consider adding me, @comment8tor, to your ‘PR and communications’ list (TextWrite – public relations consultancy) and ‘bloggers’ list (The PRBlog – a take on the quirky world of PR).

    Thanks heaps!

  36. Hi, Bill – thanks for putting this valuable directory together. I’d be really grateful if you’d consider adding me (@comment8tor) to your ‘PR and communications’ list (TextWrite – public relations consultancy) and to your ‘Bloggers’ list (The PRBlog – a take on the quirky world of PR).

    Thanks heaps – Peter

  37. Hi Bill

    Can you please also add @grells for Communicate IT, tech PR firm in Chch? Thank you!


  38. @allyballybee76

    I’m a news/sports reporter at The Daily Post in Rotorua and this year won the APN Regional Sports Writer of the Year Award.


  39. Thanks for this list! Please add @TinaWickliffe, Native Affairs, Maori Television reporter. Cheers!

  40. Hi Bill,
    Please add me to the list – I’m the telecommunications reporter for the Herald (@hamishfletcher).


  41. Hi Bill, thanks for the list.

    To add, please?

    @girlreporternz – Sally Kidson, emergency services, Nelson Mail
    @JR_Sport – Josh Reich, sports reporter, NM
    @nelsongroucho – Bill Moore, senior writer, NM
    @nelsonmail – Nelson Mail feed
    @naomiarnold – Naomi Arnold, feature writer, NM
    @TJNeal – Tracy Neal, senior writer, NM
    @Adam__Roberts – Adam Roberts, education, RWC and tourism reporter, NM
    @P_WatsonNelson – Peter Watson, rural reporter
    @sjyoungnz – Sarah Young, health and Richmond reporter, NM
    @pearson_anna – Anna Pearson, Motueka reporter, NM
    @GCollettNnMail – Geoff Collett, Features editor
    @alastairpaulin – Motueka Golden Bay News editor, NM columnist

  42. Some from the Newstalk ZB stable

    @hoskingonzb – Mike Hosking (ZB Breakfast host)
    @zbonair – Online discussion topic for Newstalk ZB
    @zblaura – Laura Heathcote, Newstalk ZB journalist (and our Royal Reporter)
    @felixmarwick – Felix Marwick, Chief Political Reporter
    @katieabradford – Katie Bradford-Crozier, Political reporter
    @swiftynz – Edward Swift, online producer

  43. Hi Bill

    Can you please add @KCkarenclark to the list? I have a writing, editing and PR business, Cicada PR and Communications. Many thanks.

  44. Hi Bill,

    Croikey. Awesome list mate. Far out.

    Hey I’d love to be on the list for ‘Bloggers and Online Media’. I know there’s some great names on there that I’d be humbled to appear alongside but I’m making a bit of headway when it comes to blogging online (www.nzblogs.co.nz) as well as working for NZS.com to create some sweet tools and guides for people looking to promote their businesses on social media.

    Failing that, add me to the list and I’ll buy you a coffee PLUS muffin.




    • I’m so good at social media stuff that I always remember to leave my Twitter handle when it counts.

      cough @marklincoln cough

  45. Also, I really liked how @computerworldnz put the little twitter follow button next to each of their suggested people today, you should totally do that 🙂

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