New Zealand media Twitter directory: Magazines

Twitter name Magazine
@CIO_NZ CIO magazine
@coupdemain Coup de main digital magazine
@CriticTeArohi Otago University student magazine
@cuisinemagazine Cuisine
@goodmag Good magazine
@homenewzealand Home NZ magazine
@idealogmag Idealog magazine
@ITBrief IT Brief, trade title for computer professionals
@managementnz Management magazine
@MetroMagNZ Metro magazine
@NetGuide New Zealand NetGuide
@NZbusinessmag NZ Business
@NZGeographic New Zealand Geographic
@nzlistener The Listener
@nzmusician NZ Musician
@TVguide TV Guide
@ripitupNZ Rip It Up
@salientmagazine Salient, student magazine from Victoria University of Wellington
@TeKaraka Ngai Tahu’s official magazine


New Zealand media Twitter directory: Magazines

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