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Google runs a fibre network in Kansas City. Yesterday the company said it plans to roll out Google Fibre in another 34 US cities.

The fibre network operates at 1Gbps. Earlier this month Google Chief Financial Officer Patrick Pichette told a conference the company plans to increase speeds to 10Gbps.

He says faster speeds will increase the use of software as a service because users will be able to trust that critical applications that are data intensive will run smoothly:

That’s where the world is going. It’s going to happen. It may happen over a decade, but why wouldn’t we make it available in three years? That’s what we’re working on. There’s no need to wait.

Customers on Google’s existing network pay US$70 (about NZ$85) a month for uncapped 1Gbps connections. Meanwhile, the same money will buy you 40GB of data at 30Mbps on Telecom NZ’s UltraFibre plan on New Zealand’s government-subsidised UFB network.

2 thoughts on “New Zealand UFB compared to Google fibre

  1. If the physical fibre is similar, I assume we can expect that the bandwidth available will continue to increase as our back-haul providers capacity increases.

    Currently 200Mbps looks like the the highest currently here in NZ.

    • Without getting too technical, that’s a limitation of the last link in the chain. We’re using GPON which is more limited than peer to peer distribution.

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