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Join me, Paul Spain and Mark Iles to hear a first-hand report from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona including the focus on virtual reality and Gigabit plus 4.5G vs 5G mobile networks. We also discuss Google Loon, UFB hitting an important milestone, Windows 10 rollout to business and Auckland Council’s $1.2B IT spend.

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3 thoughts on “NZ Tech Podcast 271: Auckland IT blowout, UFB uptake, 4.5G vs 5G

  1. Greg Bodnar: I was reading this article about app developers and was reminded of your comments in this episode of the tech podcast regarding Apple vs Google stores. The message I took from the article was that neither Apple’s nor Google’s app ecosystem is viable for small developers in the long term. Most people use a very small and static set of apps, which leaves little room for growth.http://www.theverge.com/2016/3/2/11140928/app-store-economy-apple-android-pixite-bankruptcy via plus.google.com

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