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This is what your Opswat Security Score should look like once you've nailed down all the risks
This is what your Security Score should look like once you’ve nailed down all the risks

If you’re not a geek and worry about keeping your computer safe, Security Score is a straightforward free tool to check your computer’s security.

It’s simple to use and requires little technical knowledge, although non-experts may need to get help fixing any problems it uncovers.

The software needs no installation. You just download it from Opswat and fire it up. It will scan your computer and report back with a clever pie chart graphic – shown above – which highlights seven areas where you can protect your PC from risks. You also get an overall score out of 100.

A slice of pie represents each of the seven areas. The size is proportional to importance. As you can see Antivirus is the most important segment accounting for 30 points out of 100.

Each fully protected area is coloured green. A yellow or red segment means there’s a problem that needs fixing. Click on the slice and you’ll get a short report telling you how to improve the score.

Security Score works because it is simple and comprehensive at the same time. It encourages you to look at overall system security – which is smart.

3 thoughts on “Quick, easy PC security audit with Opswat

  1. While it’s a nice looking service, a couple of issues I have with this:
    1. “Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Requires Internet Explorer 8 or higher”
    2. And continuing to emphasise Anti-Virus so much ahead of the under estimated Patch Management – a huge issue – and nary a mention about the security of your browser, for that ref. Point 1 above

  2. Hi Franksting,

    I am the Product Manager for OESIS Framework, including Security Score. We greatly appreciate your feedback! I would like to note that we currently include browser security to a small degree under the antiphishing category. We’re also looking to expand this category along with others in the near future, as well as support additional platforms. On that note, we’re paying close attention to the community and taking feedback into consideration. Please keep providing this type of feedback as it helps us build a better solution!


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