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Psychometric tests: How to succeed

Psychometric testing is controversial. That hasn't stopped it being popular with human resource managers and recruiters. They see it as a quick, efficient way of sorting people. From their point of view CVs, interviews and references only show a person's skills and experience. Uncovering their personality – in particular their ability to mesh with a corporate [...]

Knowledge work: Reports of its death an exaggeration

Grant Frear writes about the demise of the knowledge worker after reading Daniel Pink's book A Whole New Mind. Pink says people in rich countries need to move away from left-brain (linear, organised) thinking towards more right-brain (or creative) thinking. Frear says; "Well maybe not a complete demise but most certainly a geographic shift". So we won't [...]

Who are the knowledge workers?

Knowledge workers are taking over. A third of American employees are already knowledge workers. The number is lower in Australia and New Zealand, we're catching up. In developed, developing and even in some undeveloped countries knowledge workers are the fastest-growing employment group. Knowledge workforce outnumbers industrial In the developing world knowledge workers already outnumber industrial [...]

Starbucks closes 61 stores in Australia

Commenting on Starbucks' radical decision to close 61 Australian stores (note the terminology: stores not cafes) the Australian Newsagency Blog's Mark Fletcher says while he doesn't enjoy the company's coffee he admires its business model and goes on to ask "If Starbucks can reach this decision with key factors - range, margin and buying power [...]

PC World New Zealand

PC World New Zealand has an ABC circulation of 15,565 and Nielsen readership figure of 148,000. That makes it New Zealand's most-read specialist technology publication. Published monthly, in New Zealand that means 11 issues a year with a joint December and January edition. In August 2006 Fairfax Business Media bought the New Zealand licence for PC [...]