By the time I add the latest entries, my New Zealand media on Twitter list will contain more than 200 entries.

The list is too long for a single page, so I’ve broken it in to smaller lists – there are seven at the time of writing with more to come. This will make it easier for me to manage and simpler for people to quickly find the names they need.

I’ve decided to call it a directory instead of a list because that’s what it has turned into. My original idea was to get a list of a few dozen New Zealand journalists – the majority of whom I follow.

Over time I’ll add more features to make it easier to navigate. If you’ve any ideas on ways I can better present the data, let me know.

I’ve used a wonderful WordPress plug-in from a talented developer called Tobias Bäthge. Tobias wrote a small extra piece of code that means each Twitter address links back to the person’s profile page at

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