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Bill Bennett


Sacked workers steal data

CEO magazine reports a survey by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Symantec says 59 percent of sacked workers admitted stealing company data and 67 percent used their ex-company’s confidential information to help secure a new job.

The story has a lot of information about the nature of the data theft — CDs, memory sticks and sending out emails. It also talks about their job descriptions and industry sectors. At a guess I’d say all the respondents were in the USA, although this isn’t made clear any where. I’d like to know the nature of the stolen information. Are we talking customer databases, financial details etc or is are people pinching minor things?

It reminds me of something I learnt as a young journalist in my first job. If you purchased your own address book and used that to store your contact details, then it wouldn’t be regarded as theft when you left your job. On the other hand, if you put your contacts in a company-owned book or card index it would have to stay behind. A journalists’ contact book is one of his or her most valuable possessions.

CIO > More than half of fired workers steal data on way out.



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