Six months ago I gave up on search engine optimisation.

Tweaking text to make stories appear higher in Google search results is unlikely to increase traffic to this site.

And because SEO is time-consuming, I would be able to focus my energy on more creative activities.

Dropping SEO worked for me

Giving up on SEO was a success.

In the last six months, I’ve had more than 21,000 site visits and almost 38,000 page views. For the six months before dropping SEO the numbers were 16,000 visits and 26,000 page views.

December and January are typically slow months – that’s when most of my readers are on holiday. If I adjust the numbers to take this seasonal variation into account, the increase in site visits is lower – around 25%, but the page view increase is still over 30%.

Traffic is up 30% because I ignore search engine optimisation.

7 thoughts on “Traffic up 30% after dropping search engine optimisation

  1. Can we see a graph of that change? I’m not disputing your figures, but be interesting to see any peaks / troughs and corresponding SE updates

  2. Interesting indeed. There is no doubt the SEO game has changed as more social factors come into play. My only comment is “have you considered that the increased traffic is acually BECAUSE of that SEO work done previously?”
    Traffic nubers are largely irrelevant anyway – it’s converting traffic that matters. I’d rather SEO for laser targeted buying keywords than generic any day

    • Good points.

      It’s certainly possible the lag between effort and result is months rather than days or weeks.

      And you’re right, that laser targeting SEO isn’t appropriate when you’re not selling anything.

  3. Correct – we know that it CAN take Google upto 90 days to recognise a link. Sometimes it is sooner and it is possible to rank for non comp keywords very quickly (a week or even less) – but for medium and high comp, months is much more realistic. We tell clients 4-6 months as a general rule and sometimes a lot more

  4. And don’t forget – the onsite seo (tweaking the text as you put it, but also including meta, site structure, titles, descriptions etc etc) only represents around 30% of the overall process. The rest is all offsite optimisation (backlink strategy).

    Have a great weekend



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