Snugg MacBook Air Leather caseThere’s nothing complicated about the Snugg MacBook Air 13-inch case but that’s a good thing. It’s a closely fitting leather envelope protecting the computer from knocks, scratches and spills.

Although the case is minimal adding little in the way of bulk or weight to the MacBook Air, it is not quite featureless.

Three magnets sit in the flap making it easier to close — and stay closed. A soft material called nubuck covers the inside the case making it easy to slip the computer in and out.

There’s a cardholder that’s big enough to carry large-sized paper business cards, but not big enough for a credit card. A pocket on th the back is large enough to hold a few sheets of A4 paper, maybe a brochure or, when I’m at a press conference, a media kit.

Snugg 13-inch MacBook Air case design

When viewed from the front, there’s a cut out on the left-hand size that allows you to charge the computer without removing it from the sleeve. I thought this was unnecessary until I used the feature one night in a hotel room.

The review case is made of business-like black leather. That suits me fine. Apart from anything else it is anonymous. I can leave my MacBook in the case on the back seat of my car and it looks more like it holds boring documents than a stealable computer.

If you find black too corporate, there’s a choice of nine colours in total including two shades of pink.

If there is an omission, it’s that Snugg’s case doesn’t leave enough room to carry a power supply. My MacBook Air runs for better than eight hours on a single charge. This means the case works best for short trips. It’s perfect for running around town or a day return flight from, say, Auckland to Wellington or Christchurch.

Snugg also makes a leather iPad case.

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