Scot Herrick reminds his readers to think about money the way businesses do.

He writes:

For business, it’s all about the money. Unfortunately, for too many knowledge workers, it isn’t.

Instead, we are told to love our work. We are told to work extra hours – for no pay. We are told that we should be loyal to companies when companies will lay us off in a cold-blooded minute.

This is sound advice.

We’ve all come across examples of large organisations that make vast profits yet lean on individuals to donate knowledge, time and energy in return for… nothing.

Journalists get this a lot. We are often expected to work ‘for exposure’. In most case the people who ask for this work for organisations that never give anything away.

We’ll put the inverse Robin Hood injustice of taking from the poor and giving to the rich aside for one moment and focus on the important point:

If you don’t value your time and work, nobody else will.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes it is about the money

  1. Capitalism is all about stealing from everyone else, making everyone else thankful for being stolen from and then making the stealing seem normal, moral, inevitable.

  2. Bravo. I welcome the goodwill that comes from clients and businesses that I deal with but my bank manager and everyone else just follows the money 🙂 If a business wants to give me exposure that is usually ok but it needs to be fair pay for fair work.

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