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Thurrott says Microsoft Surface dead last for reliability

Surface book

Consumer Reports has pulled its recommendations for Microsoft’s Surface products, citing an industry-worst failure rate.

Source: Consumer Reports: Microsoft Surface is Dead Last for Reliability – Thurrott.com

Reliability is one of the hardest things to cover off when reviewing hardware.

It’s no accident that Apple, which sits at the top of the reliability league table lends hardware to journalists for extended review periods. That makes for better reviews on two counts.

First, you can dive a lot deeper into the product and use it more like a buyer would. I often wait  until a month or more before writing about Apple kit. I write about my experiences using the product in real, everyday work.

There’s no need to run through artificial tests which is what happens when you only have something for a few days. A longer test means a better understanding of quirks and nuances, and what they mean in practice.

Testing for reliability

Second, you get a better feel for reliability. If you use a computer for a couple of months without a glitch, there’s a good chance it will last for 12 months or longer without a problem.

A third benefit of extended review periods, is that a reviewer can find something they are so comfortable with, that they are happy to spend their own money on. It’s because I spent quality time with Apple hardware I chose to buy that brand later.

Something similar happened when I borrowed the HP Spectre. I loved it so much that I’m writing this post on mine.


I didn’t see anything wrong with the review Surface Book. But I only had it for a little over a week. I did notice a minor hiccup with the Surface Pro 3, but didn’t write about it at the time because it happened once and just may have been user error. A longer review might have shown me it was a device problem.


Published by Bill Bennett

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12 replies on “Thurrott says Microsoft Surface dead last for reliability”

  1. Its like surface as a service- I paid for 1 nearly 3 years ago and have a brand new one every 10months at no further cost.

  2. I pretty much work off the cloud so no big deal swapping machines – usually get a replacement delivered in a day or 3. So no biggie.

  3. Its surprisingly great – they seem to last about 10mths then die & under warranty they give you a new one with a new warranty! Onto my 3rd

  4. Thanks. They are v. expensive too. I had thought that the high price meant classy engineering (Incl. testing up the wazoo) apparently not. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. And here’s me buying the spin that the creative community were adopting them because they are as good as apple but without the smartass brand bullshit. I stand corrected.

  6. That’s a good point. They look and feel as good as Apple products, but when the rubber hits the road it turns out they’re not even average quality.

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