According to 9to5Mac Microsoft Stores in the US offer customers US$650 if they trade in MacBook Air for Surface Pro 3.

The URL slug tells us what 9to5Mac thinks about this deal: “microsoft-is-obviously-trading-its-crap-tablet-for-computers-they-can-actually-use”.

That’s unfair. Yes the MacBook Air is a great computer — I’m writing this post on my one now.

But from what I’ve seen of Microsoft’s Surface range, including the time I spent with the Surface Pro 2, I’d say Microsoft’s tablet-cum-PC is the nearest competitor to the MacBook Air and it’s not that bad. For now, it is the only serious alternative.

5 thoughts on “Microsoft offers US$650 trade-in on MacBook Air for Surface Pro 3

  1. On the other hand, the offer of a $650 trade in tells you that Microsoft themselves consider the surface 3 the Air’s inferior…
    Having used both, I would agree.

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