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A new plan from UFB wholesalers Enable, Ultrafast Fibre and Northpower gives residential  users more speed for a few extra dollars each month.

Chorus is not offering the new plan, which means only 20 percent or so of the country is covered. It will be available in the Christchurch area, in Northland and in the regional North Island towns served by Ultrafast Fibre.

The companies will introduce a 50Mbps download, 20Mbps upload option from the end of August. It will have a wholesale price of $40 a month, that’s $2.34 more than the base level 30/10Mbps plan.

While it is not yet clear how much service providers will charge for the product, existing base plans start at around $70. The new plan will probably not cost much more, perhaps $75 to $80.

In a press statement Enable CEO Steve Fuller said he recognises the need for a more advanced product than the base-level 30/10Mbps product.

The move comes at a good time with English Premier League football moving to an online service. Presumably more content will follow.

It’s interesting to see the three small UFB wholesale companies push fibre harder than Chorus. Will this put pressure on the company, what do you think?

One thought on “New, faster home UFB, but only for some

  1. Good news to hear the non-incumbent LFCs are doing something to combat the copper competition that Chorus doesn’t suffer (being the copper supplier in their own areas of interest.)

    Regrettable to read of RSP complaints that it complicates their pricing structures, but given all the copper and fibre options already, does one more really tip the balance toward customer confusion.

    Local Fibre Companies should provide local pricing, that’s what they are for and it will lead to a drumbeat of consumer dissatisfaction that one hopes Chorus will be unable to ignore. Just another ratchet to move the speed up for everyone.

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