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Bill Bennett


Vodafone NZ testing Nokia small cell technology

This morning’s Comms Day has an interview with Nokia ANZ head Stephen McFeeley. He talks of opportunities, which in the case of New Zealand says Vodafone is trialling small cell controllers and Voice over LTE:

A key client for some of Nokia’s small-cell clout – as well as for more work preparing for the release of 700MHz spectrum – is Vodafone New Zealand. “With Vodafone New Zealand, we’re running a whole range of technology trials; Vodafone NZ has our Flexi Lite which is a small cell [base station] and our Flex- iZone technology which is a fairly leading-edge small cell controller,” said McFeeley. “We’ve got VoLTE trials [there] as well, which of course is on the back of HD Voice, which we’ve already launched in New Zealand. With the New Zealand relationship, we’re pushing that very heavily to be very focused on new technology.”



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