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New Zealand’s second largest ISP, Vodafone, says it will soon offer gigabit fibre plans.

The price in the Northpower, Enable and Ultra Fast Fibre UFB areas will be $140 a month. It says “Elsewhere”, read that as the Chorus UFB area, prices will be released in the “near future”.[1]

Vodafone stands out from the service provider pack in two important ways. First, it owns a vertically integrated cable network in Wellington, Christchurch and the Kapiti Coast.

Second, it is working towards a merger with Sky TV which will put it in the box seat for local sport, movie and television services.

Vodafone has rebranded its hybrid fiber-coaxial network as FibreX. The company’s consumer director Matt Williams says there has been a $22 million investment upgrading this network for gigabit services.

Williams says there will be a compelling offer for customers in the network area to upgrade in the near future. Most observers expect that to include a bundled price that includes SkyTV services.

Vodafone’s FibreX price will be interesting. Because the UFB network will overbuild the FibreX network, there’s a competitive constraint on the amount Vodafone can charge set by the fibre network wholesalers.

At the same time, the FibreX network is vertically integrated, so there is no-one clipping the ticket.

What you’ll pay for gigabit fibre broadband

2degrees $140
Bigpipe $129
full flavour $110
My Republic $120
Orcon $135
Primo Wireless $129
Spark $140
Stuff Fibre $115


MyRepublic charges $60 for the first six months for customers signing a 24-month contract. Over the period of the contract the monthly fee works out at $105.

Orcon customers signing for 24 months get an Xbox One S.

There is a $50 installation fee at Bigpipe but no contracts.

Existing Spark broadband customers get the Lightbox video-on-demand service and free access to the nationwide wi-fi hotspot network. There’s also a $10 a month discount when a mobile phone is on the same account.

Full Flavour is running a promotion where new customers pay only $100 a month for the first 12 months. There are no long-term contracts and installation is free.

Prices are complicated at 2degrees. A connection costs $95 a month, then you pay $45 for a 1Gbps “speed boost”. Customers signing for 24-months pay $60 a month for the first 12-months. The monthly cost over the full period of the contract works out at around $124 a month. There’s a $10 a month discount to 2degrees phone customers.


  1. An early draft of another ISP’s price list showed monthly plans in the Chorus UFB area were $10 more than elsewhere, but this was dropped by the time of the launch. ↩

3 thoughts on “What you’ll pay for Vodafone gigabit fibre

  1. In the case of Spark, a similar naked “Gigatown” plan has been available for $99.99 per month for some time, but now that the rest of the country has this capability, the price will be $40 a month more. Can anyone explain the difference or reason for this?

    • I’ve heard of two things that may go part way to explaining the difference. First, there are some subsidies in Dunedin, possibly in backhaul – someone on the ground there might have more on this. Second, the competition to win a slice of the business was intense, so all the service providers dropped their Dunedin prices close to their input costs. Again, a local expert might know more about this.

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