Google Calendar unreachable

The time is 6pm. Since lunchtime I’ve tried to reach my Google Calendar to schedule an important business meeting and an opthalmist appointment. This is what I see when I try:

It illustrates the dangers of cloud computing.

I’ve used Google Calendar with few hiccups since 2006 and even wrote about it for The Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age. It has a neat straightforward interface and, best of all, I can view items on my desktop, on my iPad or on my phone.

In the past I’ve synched Google Calendar with desktop applications, I stopped doing that a few years ago and haven’t seen much disruption.

This outage isn’t a show-stopper yet, but it could be disastrous if, say, I was on the road with a full slate of appointments.

At times like this I have to acknowledge my other half, who always prints important things like schedules on paper, may have a point.

One thought on “When cloud apps fail

  1. About a year ago, Google shut down my gmail account. This put me into a tailspin from a business communication standpoint. It’s impossible to communicate directly (as in talking to a person) with Google…so it was impossible to understand why it was shut down or what I could do about it. It was reinstated, with no reason given, a day or so later. To safeguard against this type of disruption, I now have all of my gmail messages automatically duplicated and forwarded to a Yahoo account as a backup.

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