Which is the best iPad keyboard for a journalist?

Which is the best iPad keyboard for a touch typist?

I’ve looked at a few in shops and need an iPad keyboard so I can use the Apple tablet while I’m on the move.

It doesn’t have to be a full-size keyboard, but big enough for proper typing and preferably with all the main keys in the usual places so I don’t have to unlearn habits.

When I’m on the move I mainly write news. Journalism usually means short snappy stuff, not long pieces. I’d prefer something that doesn’t need separate batteries, but that’s negotiable.

By Bill Bennett

Not actually a geek, more a chronicler of geekdom. Still mainly a journalist, sometimes a blogger.

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Without a doubt the wireless Apple keyboard, it feels very natural, is light but it means you have an extra piece of kit to carry – but typing without thinking or worrying about whether your fingers press the right keys… well enough said.

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