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Veolia Transport Auckland IT Manager Satish Girdhar told journalists at the Windows Phone 8 launch why he finds the devices interesting. 

Girdhar’s company operates the Auckland passenger rail network where internal communications between office staff and those working in the field are important. Girdhar’s challenge is aligning these communications with Veolia’s ICT system and its business goals.

Why does Girdhar believe Windows 8 will help?

Top of his list is that the operating system is neither fragmented nor vendor specific. The devices are not locked to a single manufacturer, product cycle or cost structure. He says: “We don’t want to introduce unnecessary risks by having only one vendor. We also don’t want to be dictated to by a vendor telling us what we can or can’t have”.

Next comes flexibility, Girdhar says Windows 8 gives him the flexibility to align devices to a user’s role. The range of specifications and form factors mean there are devices suitable for every role in the organisation.

Another attraction is the way Windows Phone 8 allows Veolia to further leverage its existing IT investment. It works with Office, Linc and Exchange which are familiar and proven. He says he doesn’t like surprises and with Windows 8 there are likely to be fewer of the mysterious problems that no-one knows how to solve. He says this means there’s no need to spend on more middleware or bespoke applications.

Another advantage is the forms and templates used on the devices integrate immediately with Veolia’s existing systems. He says he can edit a PowerPoint presentation on his phone at the last minute.

Girdhar says Windows 8 integrates with his existing support infrastructure. This makes it easier to support devices and allows staff to use familiar tools and policies.

And then there’s security. He says the OS is secure with kernel signing and applications are sandboxed – they are certified before being allowed in the Windows store. Girdhar also likes the kid’s corner feature. He says he has seen support issues in the past when people have let their children play with devices.

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