Companies like to sound more important than they are. It is human nature.

They use pompous terms thinking they add lustre to their products or services.

“Solutions” is an obvious example.

So Symbol Technologies’ LS3008 barcode scanner becomes “an affordable, high-performance, rugged scanning solution”.

Pretentious Moi?

Solution is pretentious word implying the thing being talked about is the answer to a problem.

If someone in marketing thinks “solutions” sounds clever, think again. Solutions is word  grandstanding.

It impresses nobody. If anything it will cause people reading the word to distrust whatever else you have to say.

If you can inflate software to “solution”, the reader may interpret your “high performance” claim as “slow and clunky”.

It also makes you look jumped-up and expensive.

Why not just tell potential customers what you sell in plain language?

Solutions R Us

Technology isn’t the only guilty industry.

When writing this I remembered Private Eye once ran a column poking fun at the dumb way companies use the word solution to pump up their egos. This could give useful ammunition, so I googled the term: Private Eye solutions.

And lo, on page one the search engine turned up:

  • “Thailand Detective Solutions”
  • ” custom employee background investigation solutions”