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Bill Bennett


Zettabytes of data: Most is still rubbish

The world’s stock of data grew 62 percent last year. According to The Guardian, we squirrelled away 0.8 zettabytes of data.

That’s 800,000 petabytes, where each petabyte is a million gigabytes. Somewhere along the way, we forgot about exabytes (1000 petabytes).

By the end of this year, we’ll be sitting on 1.2 Zb.

It is a lot of data.

But as previously reported, almost all the data stored around the world is junk. Experts say as much as 90 percent of stored data is useless.

We’re not talking about trash tv or bad music. We’re talking about data that is of no use to anyone; useless files, duplicate data, temporary files that became permanent.

Forget everything you hear from businesses selling virtualisation as a green technology. If the so-called green computer makers wanted to use less electricity and save the planet, they would work on tools to de-duplicate files and data and applications to help us cull rubbish from our hard drives.

This would also make it easier to find the good stuff. Zettabytes of it.



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