Once were newspaper readers

After hearing Newsweek lost 51% of its print circulation in the space of just five years London-based digital media blogger Martin Belam looked at UK newspaper performance. He found the British market declined 27% over the same period.

How do New Zealand newspapers compare?

I went to the Audio Bureau of Circulation and found comparable numbers for the three large daily metro papers and the two main Sunday papers. This is not a direct comparison, The Herald on Sunday was just getting started in 2007 and that had a big impact on its direct rival The Sunday Star-Times.

During the five-year period the five big New Zealand papers collectively shed 16% of their readers.

The biggest loser was the Sunday Star Times down 28%, while the Herald on Sunday increased its circulation by 11%. The Dominion-Post is down 19% while the New Zealand Herald and the Christchurch Press are down just 15%.

Among these titles Fairfax newspapers lost ground to APN titles.

Publication September 2007 September 2012 decline
NZ Herald 194706 166384 15%
Dominion Post 98134 79903 19%
Christchurch Press 89049 75705 15%
Sunday Star Times 188127 134956 28%
Herald on Sunday 91521 102031 -11%
Total 661537 558979 16%


So, for now at least, New Zealand’s newspapers are holding up relatively well.

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  1. …which doesn’t mean they’re going to survive, just means they’ve got more time to get their asses into gear and read up on this newfangled series of tubes people have started using.

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