Windows Phone gaining ground

The headline on Windows Phone sees big gains at the expense of BlackBerry and Symbian at engadget overstates matters. Those big gains are a climb from a minuscule 2.7% share of the smartphone to a still small 4.1% share.

Microsoft’s smartphone  OS is still small fry, but it is early days. If Windows Phone’s market share climbs another 50% next year I’ll be impressed.

From engadget

4 thoughts on “Windows Phone gaining ground

  1. Bill, I’m one of the guys who just jumped from my Blackberry to a Nokia Windows phone. Big change for me, moving away from the Blackberry keyboard. Having fun with it so far. I’ll keep you posted. Gordon

  2. Wincing at Blackberry’s share… but these things can be trusted about as much as any survey (read: not at all, barely indicative only).
    Will be interesting how the next 2 years play out wrt the non-iOS/-Android systems.

  3. I’m sure that stats are credible. One wonders what MS is doing to promote their OS. They have a great opportunity to take over some of the corporate market with IT managers looking for a replacement with good exchange connectivity and ‘controls’. Do the telcos still offer corporate services or did that die with BYOD?

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